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Beach Vacation

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If you ask any person who intends to leave in the summer beach vacation - where he wants to go, then many will not hesitate to answer - in the Crimea, on the beaches of Ukraine. Indeed, the resorts of Ukraine is mainly associated with the warm Black Sea, the golden beaches of Evpatoria and shingle in the region of Alushta. Invites Pakistan to visit the famous Vorontsov Palace and Quay in Yalta. These places have always served as the main venue clusters of tourists, who luxuriate in a hurry to clear the sun, get a real "Black Sea tan, and once again have to admire the architecture of the air Swallow's Nest, by passing him on the boat.

In fashion - nudist tourism beach vacations. In addition to the usual beach service, the services of lovers naked special restaurants, shops, cars and even airplanes. For example, twice a week from Hamburg on the Mediterranean coast of France charter flights by Boeing bare German and Scandinavian tourists. On board the "bare" airplane I was together with her friend Svetlana and her husband, Jurgen, who was staying in Germany.

Crimea - one of the most popular spa centers in Eastern Europe. The number of those treated, tourists, just vacationing in the Crimea is increasing every year and reaches 5 million people annually. Draws all here not only healthful climate, mineral waters, curative mud of salt lakes, great beaches, beautiful resorts, but also a reminder of antiquity and the Middle Ages, numerous hiking trails and scenic sights of nature. Of course, the main wealth of this region - many resorts, which are marked variety of natural and medicinal resources. The largest of them - Alupka, Alushta, Evpatoria, Saki, Sudak, Feodosia and Yalta. These are perfect placas for a beach vacation!


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