Want to feel yourself like in a horror movie? Visit Synevyr Lake
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Want to feel yourself like in a horror movie? Visit Synevyr Lake

10 Oct 2011 9:09 PM
In the opinion of Ukrainian directors Oleksander and Viacheslav Alyoshechkiny, Transcarpathian Region is the best place for making the horror movies. The locality is ideal for this kind of films because of its stunning nature: mountains, rivers, waterfalls and mystical coppices. Except of this, Carpathian Mountains have a mysterious reputation because of local legends and folk mystical stories. That is why these directors decided to make their new film named "Synievyr” (by the name of the mountain lake) in Transcarpathian locality. 

"There are Molfars (people who endowed supernatural abilities), different legends. Local people believe that all mystical creatures live next to them”, – Oleksander noted. 

In his turn Viacheslav added that the screenplay to the film is based on true stories about Synevyr which has a reputation of the sinister and mysterious place. Local citizens know a lot of stories about people, especially tourists, that disappeared in this area or were drowned in the lake - so the field for the fantasy of screenwriters and directors was pretty wide. The plot of the film not very sophisticated: group of students come to the lake on weekends and get to various troubles. 

It should be noted that unfortunately Ukrainian cinematograph grows sluggishly. And such popular movie genre as horror almost does not develop – so the film is very expected among Ukrainian audience. Directors promise to present movie by the end of 2011.

Meanwhile all interested persons can feel themselves like in horror movie anytime – a trip to Synevyr Lake is always interesting and mysterious. This place is quite popular among tourists. It is the biggest mountain lake in Ukraine and it is extremely picturesque. 

The lake has two histories of the origin – scientific and legendary. Geologists say that about ten thousand years ago in a result of geological processes was formed a hollow which was filled with water from the mountain streams. And the legend claims that long time ago there was a beautiful blue-eyed girl named Syn, a daughter of the local rich men, and a poor younker Vyr. Young man fell in love, but evil father of the girl ordered to kill Vyr. The girl couldn’t stop crying and the lake was formed from her tears. It was named in honor of Syn and Vyr. 

The lake gave its name to the National natural park Synevyr which was found on January 5, 1989.

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