The wonderful phenomenon of the image of Our Lady of. Crooked Lake
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The wonderful phenomenon of the image of Our Lady of. Crooked Lake

08 Oct 2011 9:52 PM
Gone are the days when, without the consent of the church no one could dare to administer any worldly thing. 

Once the first religious tourists were medieval pilgrims - the wandering pilgrims. Today millions of people, ignoring distances and environmental conditions wish to kneel at their shrines. There are a lot of travelers and even non-believers, for whom a trip to the holy land and participation in rituals - a way to join the culture of another country.

 In addition to the relics left by our history, the world creates the new wonders, sometimes in the very unexpected forms. A similar case happened in Crooked Lake, the regional center of Krivoozersk  region of  Mykolaiv district. Directly on the wall of the Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Virgin has mystically appeared the image of Our Lady.

The Crooked Lake village church has been known since 1766. In 1794 it  has been transferred to the Orthodox Unitarian . First it was a wooden church and because of this the church was not able to survive for three centuries. It burned down in the early 19th century. But in 1824, instead of the old church they built a new  one out of stone. And on the wall of this church the image of the Virgin.  had appeared.

 The miracle had happened on the eve of the great feast of the Trinity. On this occasion, the church was under repairing, and the rector, Father Leonid Lototskii decided to paint over the stain wet, which stood out in the plaster of the external facade of the church. And shortly before the holiday, a resident of the village had a dream that the church has a new icon with the words "Come and worship."

Then came the feast of the Holy Trinity.  And the next day on the Day of the Holy Spirit, the same person passing  the church suddenly had an inspiration – the display of the image of Our Lady on the right wall of the church.

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