First Ukrainian Wrestling Show (April 26)
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First Ukrainian Wrestling Show (April 26)

22 Apr 2013 1:23 PM
Professional wrestling (pro-wrestling) - is not just a fight. This is the kind of stage action, combining the techniques of martial arts, athletic skills, endurance, acrobatics and theatrical skills. Professional wrestling is based on a combination of classical Greco-Roman wrestling, and the so-called capture wrestling. During the evolution, power moves, throwing and new grips, variety of acrobatic stunts were added to wrestling. Wrestling industry in the U.S. and Europe each year gains more and more admirors. Finally, the opportunity to see modern fighting show came to Ukraine.

First Ukrainian Wrestling ShowUkrainian wrestling l show has a well thought-out program. The main emphasis was made on the realism of what happens in the ring.

Each wrestler who participates in a fight, has a thoughtful image (such as Zeus), underline the appearance, skills, and abilities.

Referee called to monitor all parties regarding compliance with the rules. The role of the referee in the first wrestling show contracted out to a professional stuntman Alexander Danil'chenko.

Notable is the participation of women in the competition. Famous singer Dora, who also will compete for victory, stressed that "women are not less interesting to visit the wrestling show than men." Well, let's see.

After starting the show program in Kiev, planned to tour the cities of Ukraine as well as cooperation with other countries where wrestling is developed at the higher level.

The show consists of 7 matches, lasting 7 - 10 minutes. Breaks will be filled with a variety of entertainment - songs, dances and competitions. That is, the viewer will not be bored. So come to "FIRST UKRAINIAN wrestling show”. 

Venue: Cultural and entertainment complex «Bingo Entertainment», 112 Peremohy avenue, Kyiv.

April 26 at 08 PM.

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