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03 Jul 2012 11:11 PM
It is believed that Harksky Park is one of the warmest places of the South Coast of Crimea. In addition, there is Charax mansion, built on the site of an ancient fortress by the builder of the famous Livadia Palace.

CharaxCharax Roman fortress was built in I century AD at Cape Ai-Todor during the reign of Emperor Vespasian. According to historians, Charax was founded by XI Claudia Legion. When the Roman troops finally leaved this place, they destroyed water supply and several important buildings. Soon after, the fortress was occupied by Goths

Ruins of two barracks were found during the excavations near the inner wall. At the highest point of the hill there was a lighthouse. In 1865 a new lighthouse was built here, which is working so far. Unfortunately, builders demolished the remnants of Pretoria with an altar of Jupiter. Entrance to the lighthouse is closed now. This is thearea of the Ministry of Defence.

Another part of the fortress is situated on the territory of the sanatorium "Dnipro".

Remnants of the pool measuring 9 by 7.7 meters and a depth of 2.5 meters with a stone staircase are hidden in thorn. The bottom was decorated with mosaics in the form of an octopus in the ancient. A sign says that the fortress garrison kept water here and the tank was located between the first and second lines of defense. Water flowed on the water pipe made of clay pipes from the slopes of the Ai-Petri. Ancient graveyard is located nearby. Ancient graves are marked with amphoras.


The cost of entry without a guide of 15 hryvnias.

The tour must be pre-negotiate with the administration of sanatorium "Dnipro" by phone (0654) 24-73-75, 098-385-42-97.

Getting there:

The fortress is situated on the territory of the sanatorium "Dnipro" at Alupkinskoye Highway 13. From Yalta bus number 27 and 32.

GPS: 44.25706, 34.7353

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