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Adzhimushkay quarry

Adzhimushkay quarry is an underground quarry in the city of Kerch. Gray porous Kerch limestone is a unique rock, nowhere else found. The catacombs are a monument to technology, production of building stone of ancient and medieval times. There is evidence that Christians in the catacombs of Kerch appeared in the 2nd century. Adzhimushkay quarry near Kerch is one of the most dramatic sites of the Great Patriotic War.

Kerch Fortress

Kerch FortressFortress "Kerch" (or fort "Totleben", so called by the name of its creator) is the only well preserved fortress in Ukraine. The fortress is considered a specimen of military engineering. Totleben created his masterpiece of fortification art in XIX century. Today it is a unique vacation spot opened for visiting by tourists.  General system of fortress contained such components: the fort "Totleben", several bastions, ravelin, the Minsk and Vilennsky lunette, Lithuanian battery, Ak-Burunskiy strengthening, caponiers, redyuit, mortars, shore batteries, etc. All these objects are perfect vacation spots. November 16, 1920 after the capture of the fortress of Kerch by the Red Army, MF Frunze telegraphed the cessation of civil war.


Panticapaeum is the Milesian colony, founded in the VI BC. at Tauride Peninsula at the Strait of Kerch. This ancient city, the predecessor of Kerch, was the capital of the Bosporus state. The city had a good harbor and led a large trade. Today tourists may see remnants of fortifications, houses, buildings, public buildings, tombs of Panticapeum. 

Yeni-Kale fortress

Yeni-Kale fortress is a popular place among tourists for guided tours. The castle was built by the Turkish Ottomans in the late 17th - early 18th century. Goloppo, an Italian who adopted Islam, supervised the construction of Yeni Kale. The purpose of construction is to prevent penetration of Russian ships into the Black Sea. Yeni-Kale fortress is perfectly situated for monitoring the passing ships. Steep bank opposite Chushka spit as if created for this purpose. The ship could not make a maneuver and exposed oneself to weapon shots of the shore batteries. 

Big Mithridat staircase

Big Mithridat staircaseBig Mithridat staircase is one of the most beloved Kerch attractions of Kerchians and visitors. 432 steps lead to the summit of Mount Mithridates, located in the heart of the city on the shore of the Kerch Strait. Big Mitridat ladder got its name from Mount Mithridates, on which it is located. Mount Mithridates was named in memory of the glorious historical past, in honor of ancient King Mithridates (whose full name - Pontus Mithridates VI Eupator). Mithridates was the King of Bosporus. In ancient Panticapaeum on Mount Mithridates was located a magnificent palace of Mithridates. Big Mitridatskaya staircase was built in the 30s of the 19th century, a project developed by the Italian architect Alexander Digby. 

John the Baptist Сhurch in Kerch

John the Baptist Сhurch in Kerch is a remarkable monument of Byzantine architecture. Classified as a cross-domed church of Eastern Christian School. The closest analogy derived from the Asian regions of the Byzantine Empire and its capital of Constantinople. Church of St. John the Baptist is one of the architectural monuments that have survived from the heyday Tmutarakan principality in X-XI centuries. It is an elegant four-pillar cross-domed church with one dome on a high tower. "Banding" of the building is traditional for Byzantine architecture due to the fact that the layers of stone blocks are interspersed with layers of flat bricks. In addition to the decorative effect that improves the strength and seismic stability of buildings.


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