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Kiev Theatre

Russian Drama Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka

Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho St, 5, Kyiv, Kyivs'ka oblast, 02000
Phone: 234-90-63

Permanent Russian Theatre was established in Kiev 1891, it was the Private Company of the outstanding Russian director and actor Nikolai Solovtsov. The cast of this theatre later became the foundation of the Kiev State Russian Drama Theatre. Its first performances were shown in the building of the modern Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka. This building became known under the name "House Bergonie." Official Biography of the National Academic Theatre of Russian Drama named after Lesya Ukrainka begins in 1926 when the decision of the Kiev district executive committee organized Russian State Drama, and 15 October the same year the theater opened its first season. In 1941 it was named after Lesya Ukrainka.

Kyiv Academic Operetta Theatre

Location. V. Vasilkivska St. 53/3 
Phone. 287-2630, 287-6696

At the stage of the Kyiv Operetta with success perform a classic operetta, modern and classic musicals, well represented various concerts (shows, orchestra concerts, opera and ballet performances), easily implemented various creative experiments. 

Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater

Location. M. Grushevskogo St. 1a 
Phone. 278-5808

Kyiv State Puppet Theatre - is the oldest Puppet Theatre of Ukraine, founded on October 27, 1921 in Kiev Theatre for children named after Ivan Franko (present theater for young audience "Na Lipkah”) at the initiative of People's Artist of Ukraine O. Volomarskoho and I. Deeva. The first theatrical season was opened with two performances - "Ancient parsley" and "Musicians" by L. Etibov in staging of  P. Scherbatypsky. 

Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank

Drama and Comedy Theatre in Kiev

Location. Ave Brovarskyi, 25 
Phone. 517-8980, 517-3669

Among other theaters in Ukraine Kyiv State Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy has a special place. Theatre, which emerged in the wake of democratic changes in society in the late 70's of XX century, is now widely known and popular with visitors, among authoritative experts. The first collection of theater troupe held on 7 September 1978, and the first performance  - April 21, 1979 – took oplace in the building of the Puppet Theatre.

Kyiv Academic Youth Theatre

Academic Young Theatre in Kiev

Location. st. Proreznaja, 17
Phone. 278-7392, 234-6251

When you work long in the Theater, you start to understand with some inner sweet-feeling hopeless that Theatre ate you, swallowed or absorbed (as you prefer). Young Theatre ate lives of many, he could become a compelling factor of their depending on art. Lighting comets and stars, he destroyed many and was able to raise up others to unattainable heights of creativity.


Contemprorary Dance Theatre in Kiev

Location. Mezhigorskaya street, 2,  office 139 

Phone. (044) 5011044 (066) 3698907

The foundation in Kyiv in 2006   of the contemporary dance theatre `KYIV MODERN-BALLET` headed by Radu Poklitaru, one of the most famous young balletmasters in Europe, is an event of the greatest importance for Ukraine.

Centre of Contemporary Arts DAX

Centre of Contemporary Arts in Kiev

Location. B. Vasilkovskaya St, 136
Phone 529-4062 
What does it mean to be a non-commercial theatre in Ukraine? Is it an independence from state’s control in artistic policy or an independence from financial or analythical support? These questions need to be cleared up in many aspects concerning both theatrical management  and artistic activity. Perhaps, this is a condition of the theatre functioning model, its aesthetics and its methods of creative work.

Ukrainian Theatres

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