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Odessa Restaurant

Pecheskago Restaurant in Odessa

Gavannaya str. 10/12
Odessa, Ukraine
(+38 048) 726 09 79

At the "Heart of Odessa", where Deribasovskaya crosses Gavannaya and in the GorSad, in a longstanding house builded for Joseph de Ribas himself, is one of the most colourful establishmentes of the "South Palmyra" - the Pecheskago restaurant.This place has its centurial traditions and history, it's always ready to astonish You with its various food dishes, amazing music and friendly service. In the banquet room styled like an "Old Odessa" yard or on the open-air verandah in the GorSad, You can always just relax with friends and relatives, listen to the live music, celebrate a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or any other solemn event with full comfort and best taste.

Boulevard Restaurant in Odessa

Yekaterininskaya square 1 (near Duke),
Odessa, Ukraine
tel.: + 38 (048) 777 03 39 

«Boulevard» is Odessa in miniature with its geography, and history, consisting of legends, secrets, and, of course, facts. Our restaurant was built in 1828 upon the project of architect  A.I. Melnikov. In the second half of XIX century here was very famous inn «Peterburgskaya», established in 1832. On the ground floor was a luxurious restaurant, famous for its fish dishes. So we decided to revitalize the atmosphere of that time. The interior is an illustration of Odessa in late XIX and early XX century. pavement, dimmed lantern light, shop windows, boutiques... Pay attention to the rotunda wreathed with roses. Such alcoves, placed near mansions, were extremely popular at that times. People hid from the scorching sun there, engaged in amusing conversations, dated there. 

Steakhouse Restaurant in Odessa

Deribasovskaya 20, 
Odessa, Ukraine
(0482) 34-87-82

It is always attractive, to talk about real restaurant. Only clear statements are coming to the mind.An island of romance and charm, atmosphere of confidence and reliability. Cozy and stylish environment, variety of dishes in menu, and sure thing our proud — meat and wine — everything that you need to have romantic rendezvous, business meeting or friendly supper. But when you are talking about «Steakhouse», it is desirable to avoid any strict and convenient definitions, any points over «i».

Khutorok Restaurant in Odessa

Lanzheron Beach, Shevchenko park, 
Odessa, Ukraine
(048) 735-38-73, 735-43-28

Designed like a seaside village back in the late 19th century, with kitchen gardens, playground and several lavishly decorated halls, Khutorok is a traditional style eatery, serving local cuisine and reviving history for Ukrainians and expats alike. Its main dining room has a large bar, grill and apparently the largest number of bearskins in town. Other themed rooms include hunting, peasant and blacksmith's halls, each with a slightly different atmosphere. Ukrainian cuisine here focuses on big portions, tasty dishes and true hospitality. Fish is big on the menu, with sturgeon and catfish, or special dishes like the Khutorok salad, and veal with horseradish.

Dacha Restaraunt in Odessa

French Parkway, 85/15 
Sanatorium Tchkalov, opposite to church.
Phone: 714 31 19 

Welcome to a site of one of the most known and on the present of the "Odessa" restaurants - restaurant the Summer residence! Creating this site, we understood what to recreate an atmosphere of such original place only by means of photos and texts a task difficult enough and thankless. In fact not looking at all knowledges of the virtual world - once to see, feel and taste, still much better, than hundred times to read through! But we have decided to make such attempt all the same! Sooner or later we become solid bearded men or adult women with handbags and on spike heels. Everyone of us has a heap of daily efforts and cares, we always hasten somewhere, we are in a hurry… But in those minutes or seconds when the life seems to fade, sometimes we desire to return or even to look with half an eye into the carefree and solar world of childhood.

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