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Kiev Restaurant

The Terracotta Restaurant

The Terracotta RestaurantKiev, Premier Palace Hotel, 8th floor,
bul. Shevchenka/vul. Pushkinska 5-7/29,
Phone: +38 (044) 244-12-12

«The new color of taste» is what we call our new restaurant, the Terracotta. The Premier Palace’s exquisite new restaurant offers first-class Mediterranean cuisine. The name Terracotta has Italian roots, terra meaning earth or clay and cotta meaning fired. The Mediterranean coast covers more than 2,000 kilometers and dozens different nations with unique traditions of culinary art. Yet, even though there are some basic elements of cooking that are universal, such as using olive oil, greens and garlic, Mediterranean cuisine has an enormous amount of variety. Pottery of terracotta is found among absolutely all the peoples living in the Mediterranean basin and is a specific symbol of the region. Our Terracotta combines coastal cuisines with a new range of flavors.


Kiev, Sholudenko street 3, business center "Cubic Center", last floor
(044) 230-47-91 
(068) 128-80-77
Amazing restaurant with european and italian cuisine. The lowest wine rices for the best top class wine and an amazing terrasse view on Kiev - you can try all these in Panorama restaurant!

Pre-party restaurant Draft

Kiev, 1/2 Khoreva Str.
Phone: (098) 322-5500 (099) 644-5500
Pre-party restaurant «DRAFT» is located in the historic center of Podil. Large dining room decorated in pastel, calm tones. Here you can relax while enjoying music or watching sporting battles on the big screen. VIP-room is perfect to relax in a small company. Fireplace perfectly underlines the chamber atmosphere. In the VIP-hall may be held corporate and family events for a small number of guests - up to 20 people.

O'Brien's Pub in Kiev

Irish Pub in Kiev

Location. 17 Mykhailivska Street
Phone. (044) 229-1584

You can watch up to 7 different tv-events on our 5 plasmas and two projectors!
Up to 20 kinds of beer and of course Irish Beer at O'Brien's!
We have really BIG portions, check this out! 
Best music bands play at O'Brien's at Thursday, Friday and Saturnday evenings, enjoy traditional Irish sounds!
Our team is totally English-speaking!

Panska Vtiha Restaurant in Kiev

Ukrainian Cuisine Restaurant in Kiev

Location. R. Okipnoy st., 3
Phone. (044) 5071717

Unique interior will take you to the Ukraine of XVIII century, and the unique atmosphere of home comfort and genuine national hospitality will give you a good mood and shall remain forever in your memories! Cuisine of the restaurant uses the old folk recipes, most of them have a long history of cooking. Generous Ukrainian table leads to a fragrant dishes: borscht and donuts, fishing soup, homemade sausages, spare ribs in a pan, with brawn cock, kruchenyky Sorochinskiy, carp baked in sour cream, bacon and countryside, derunchyky potato, varenyky…

Divan Festival-Restaurant in Kiev

Festival Restaurant in Kiev

Location. 2 Besarabska Sq
Phone. 044 235 73 66
In the very center of Kiev opened the new festival-restaurant "Divan." Accommodation under  the sign "festival restaurant" every day fills with its unique creative mood: music, cinema, literature and other arts, interesting people, ideas, lots of books - and any of your ideas and suggestions. In addition, you always fine here delicious food, nice suggestions on the bar - and free Wi-Fi.

PLACE Italian restaurant in Kiev

Italian cuisine restaraunt in Kiev

Location. 12h Hospitalna St
Phone. (044) 202-8812 
Fashion-restaurant PLACE - a meeting place for people interested in gastronomy, as a culture. If you want to know what is a real Italian cuisine from the chef who cooked for Sophia Loren and Luciano Pavarotti, come to the PLACE. Gastronomic fashion-oriented restaurant PLACE - traditional Italian cuisine in the author's performance maestro Pietro Del Grosso.

Le Grand Cafe restaurant in Kiev

French cuisine restaurant in Kiev

Location. 4 Museum St
Phone. (044) 278-7208
«Le Grand Cafe» - is the restaurant where the best of Ukrainian is in the natural harmony with the best of French. «Le Grand Cafe» is an elegant and unique dining club with a sumptuous and original style. Reproductions of top Ukrainian artists from the late 19 and early 20 centuries, discovered in art collections in France and other places in Europe, add to the romantic atmosphere.

U Khromoho Pola Pub in Kiev

Czech cuisine pub in Kiev

Location. 4 Suvorova St
Phone. (044) 280-5007

No one assert that Pol really existed, but rumors about his life and exploits have long been spread in the Czech Republic and abroad. Rumor says that this character first appeared in some tiny Czech town and called himself Paul, soldier in the army of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain. He came the Czech sticks because of the love of beer, sausages, and good nature and hospitality of local people.

Mandarin Chinese Restaurant

Chinese cuisine restaurant in Kiev

Location. 6 Naberezhno-Khreschatycka
Phone. (044) 428-7380
In the restaurant-cabaret MANDARIN  you can taste the most delicious Chinese courses. The menu amazes with the variety: great numbers of seafood dishes, fish and meat, and a great option of vegetarian dishes. The hit of the menu is Peking duck, it prepares by one cook only and under the unique recipe. The European menu, grill and assortment of hookahs for all tastes are also at your service.

Cuba Pub in Kiev

Cuba cuisine restaraunt in Kiev

Location. 3 Saburova St
Phone. Tel.: (044) 228-8522

Description. Only in the restaurant-pub "Cuba" you can feel the heady air and fiery spirit of the "Island of Freedom", to try exotic cuisine, enjoy tropical cocktails, real Cuban rum and the best cigars! Only here you will be able to "ignite" a real Cuban rhythms of the Cuban musicians, learn to dance Latin American salsa under the guidance of professional Cuban salseros.

IL Patio-Venice pizza in Kiev

Italian cuisine restaraunt in Kiev

Location. 5/13 Naberezhno-Khreschatycka

Phone. (044) 501-7464 

Description. Our chef ANDREA MAESTRELLY is 100% Italian. He was born and grew in Lombardia, in northeastern Italy, and hih first lessons of ciiking art received in childhood from a grandmother. Since then, 25 years have passed, and love for Italian kitchen was grew mor, so Andrea knows how to cook real Italian pizza!

TGI Friday's restaraunt in Kiev

American cuisine restaraunt in Kiev

Address. 5a Besarabska Sq
Phone.  (044) 235-4264
Description. T.G.I. Friday's ® - an international network of American cuisine restaurants. Today there are over 900 restaurants TGI Friday's ®, located in over 55 countries in the world. InTGI Friday's ® was invented recipe of stuffed potatoes, which became not only a hit of the restaurant but also a traditional American dish. All drinks in T.G.I. Friday's ® prepared in strict compliance with the required proportions. Meals impress with their size. When reading the menu, visitors of TGI Friday's ® often face the problem, what to choose? 

Planet Sushi

Sushi restoraunt in Kiev

Has over 50 sushi dishes 
Great selection of tea, plum wines, beer and cocktails 

Harmony in interior, delicious desserts, and good service 
57/3 Vasylkivska St
Tel.: (044) 287-3775

Banquet Party

 European Cuisine restoraunt in Kiev

Cafe-club that is perfect for party celebrations and has 6 halls: 
- Central hall for 50 people. dance floor, light effects 
- hall for family parties 
- elegant green hall 
- Eastern hall (calian, turkish music, belly dancing) 
- Karaoke hall 
- VIP room 

150/15 Kharkivske Ave
Tel.: (044) 562-4602
1-15 16-25

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