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Dnepropetrovsk Restaurant


Кestaurant Akhtamar in Dnipropetrovsk
85 Artem Str., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Phone: 32-30-68, (093)-805-56-55

The restaurant "Akhtamar" in Dnipropetrovsk is a combination of classicaL and Caucasian styles. Feel fabulous sense of celebration and comfort. Everything is made here for the convenience of visitors. The two-storey hall can accommodate up to 120 persons. Bar with a wide range of drinks is located on the first floor. The second level invites provides more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The chef will offer you specials of European and Caucasian cuisine! Live music will provide you with a great mood being in the restaurant. The walls are decorated with sculpture Queen Tamara, carrying the fire. It is a symbol of the restaurant "Akhtamar". There is also a banquet hall in the restaurant, where you can celebrate the anniversary and surprise guests with a wide range of Armenian vodka, cognac and delicious Georgian wines. If you want to give your sweetheart a romantic evening we will take care about this. There are separate cabins specially prepared for such cases. Visit "Akhtamar" to spend a truly unforgettable evening!

"Акварель" (Watercolor)

35-B Lenin Embankment, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49000
Phone: 726-51-59

Restaurant "Акварель" (Watercolor) is a unique and elegant place on the banks of the Dnieper. The restaurant consists of two summer terraces and three halls. One of them is «Fish-Club». You can taste here dishes of fish delicacies. The main menu culinary decoration is live lobsters, which you can get directly from the tank. Chief will cook a great meal, exquisite wines will be recommended. They are stored in a restaurant cellar. Restaurant "Акварель"(Watercolor) includes «Fish-Club», «Meat-House» and "Coffee". Each room has live music (saxophone, piano, accordion, acoustic guitar). You can arrange here a French or Latin party, banquet or corporate, to hold a conference or even a stunning children's holiday.


35 Lenin Quay, Dnipropetrovsk, 49000
Phone: 745-01-50, 067-631-49-35

Dnipropetrovs’k restaurant August supplies wicker furniture, sofas, cognac flavor, warm blankets, the opportunity to taste dishes prepared over an open fire. All this helps you to relax in the bustle of the city and creates a resort atmosphere. Restaurant August will organize for you any type of parties: children's parties, banquets, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and romantic dinners. Monday - Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 20% discount on all dishes! "Sweet Monday": 20% discount for all desserts. "Good Fishing": every Thursday 20% discount on Fish dishes! Located on the picturesque bank of the central waterfront of Dnepropetrovsk, there is a panoramic view of the Dnieper and the Fountain "White Swan".

7:40 Ресторанчик

Dnipropetrovsk, 33 Patorzhinskogo Str., 49000
Phone: 31-69-09

What Jewish food restaurant is? This is a restaurant where people eat mostly fish and poultry, kosher veal - (animal must be killed immediately not to spoil maet by the hormones of fear). One has only to realize that the main thing in a restaurant - not pretentious atmosphere, not crazy prices and no fancy cutlery for a good gesheft (profit). People come to Jewish restaurant to enjoy food and a good atmosphere. Meat, fish and poultry in a Jewish restaurant are cooked by  real experts who monitor the quality and freshness of the food. Chefs specialize in fish and poultry and cook it perfectly, the waiters can give professional advice on any item on the menu and select wines specifically for the dish. And yet we have specialists which establish the right price (generally not discussed but you can bargain).

GRAND HOTEL UKRAINE Restaurant in Dnipropetrovsk

Korolenko str. 2, 
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49000
Phone: +38 056 7901441, +38 056 7401010 
Fax: +38 056 7901431, +38 056 7901432 
In the restaurant situated on the first floor you can enjoy live music, cozy atmosphere, a large selection of wines, exquisite dishes prepared by our cooks. We can offer you European and Ukrainian cuisine. First-class service goes well with the quality of the author's cuisine. 24hours-room-service, banquet and buffet arrangement is available at the restaurant. Also our cooks can prepare dishes according to individual orders of the guests.

Aprill Restaurant in Dnipropetrovsk

21D Voroshilov str, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine  
ph. +38 (056) 726-60-01, 726-60-02
The restaurant has a poetic name, creative cuisine, elegant and unique interior goes with the main idea – "Only to love! ».  There is only spring, romanticism and love. The pastel shades of young verdure entice to rest on comfortable sofas.The cookes’ command are going to make the restaurant as a trendsetter in the art of cuisine.   High service standards go with top-quality author's cuisine. 

Porto Maltese Restaurant in Dnepropetrovsk

Hoholya str. 4, Dnipropetrovs'k 
(056) 713 5575

The Mediterranean is the cradle of the European civilization. Very important part of that culture is the cuisine. Porto does not represent only our company. We are a part of the continuity which is more than 4,000 years old. This allows us to be more at ease since we do not have to start each time from the beginning. But on the other hand, this also compels us to maintain extremely high standards as the guests that come to us can immediately feel that they have arrived at a place where the pieces of that mosaic, hospitality and pleasure-seeking aesthetics, can be recognized. It is a place where the meal is a festival that lasts, and it depends only on the guests how much time they will devote to it. PORTO restaurants are gastronomic oases, a breath of fresh Mediterranean air in the everyday culinary offer of your town. They all have a common philosophy and atmosphere, from Belgrade, through Moscow to St. Petersburg. Porto is a Mediterranean choice of food and wine, with all the distinctive qualities of Boka, reasonable prices and more than ample portions. 

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