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Lviv Resort

Lavanda Spa Hotel
Ivana Franka St. 33, Morshyn, L'vivs’ka oblast, Ukraine, 82482
Phone: +38 (03260) 62380, 38 (03260) 60500

Ukraine resort Lavanda Spa Hotel is located in the heart of the resort towm morshyn. It is surrounded by pine and hardwood forests; its seven-storey building accommodates 380 people. Lavanda Spa Hotel specializes in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract, pancreas disease, diabetes. In the health resort there are two gastroenterology departments, diagnostic and treatment rooms. in Lviv resort there are also services of diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system, x-ray, dental surgery, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, exercise therapy, massage. Used popular treatments, such as magnetic therapy, laser therapy and acupuncture.

100-richya kurortu Morshyn St. 2, Morshyn, L'vivs’ka oblast, 82482
Phone: +38 (03260) 60500

Lviv resort Sanatorium "Dnister" situated in a large forest Carpathian lowlands at an altitude of 340 m above sea level, the climate is temperate continental, favorably affecting the central nervous system and respiratory system. Summer in Morshyn is hot, humid, autumn is long, dry and warm. The average summer temperature is +18,5 ° C , winter -4 ° C. Average rainfall in the resort is 759 mm. Humidity in summer 83%, in winter 73-81%. Sanatorium "Dnister" is a multi-disciplinary gastroenterology resort for 612 guests.


Vernygora Resort
Kurortna St. 3/1, Modrychi, L'vivs’ka oblast, 82186
Phone: 38 (032) 295-88-11, 38 (067) 675-61-83

If you want to escape from the negative impact of a large city on the organism, visit the Lviv resort and recreation complex "Vernigora" located near the resort town of Truskavets. This complex combines all the benefits of rehabilitation in Truskavets. There are spa treatments, SPA-procedures and unique entertainment. There are comfortable cottages surrounded by nature. Cottages and Medical Center of recreational complex "Vernigora" are located in a forested area of Truskavets, 3 km from the city center. The territory of the complex is 40,000 sq. m. Here are organically combined forest nature (pine, birch trees, flowers and well maintained shrubs) and the dwelling houses in eco-style. We supply 14 cottages with 112 cozy and comfortable rooms.


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