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Kharkiv Resort

Cooperative St. 43, Vysokyi, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 62459
Phone: +38 (057) 746-44-40, +38 (057) 746-49-38

Kharkiv resort is located in a suburban area of the city of Kharkov. There are a beautiful park and a lake. Sanatorium "Vysokyi" is one of the best diversified health centers Kharkiv region. Pregnant women with a pregnancy of 12 to 35 weeks may have there sanatorium rehabilitation treatment, and patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs may have sanatorium rehabilitation. The mild climate, a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures, diet food, comfortable accommodation, a good psychological climate, highly skilled and attentive staff is the foundation of successful recreation. Near the resort is the Temple of St. Elias - an architectural monument of the nineteenth century, Gregory Skovoroda Krynica.


Street Sanatorium, 46, Pesochin, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 62417
Phone: 38 (057) 742 - 16 – 84, 38 (057) 742 - 16 - 32

Kharkiv resort works all year round. Guests can be placed in double and single rooms with all conveniences. There are luxury superior rooms. Lovers of exotic can relax with their families in Finnish houses. All rooms are equipped with televisions and refrigerators. On the territory there is a guarded parking lot, shops, a pharmacy, a conference hall, library, telephone, pool, sauna, dancing hall, concert hall, hairdresser, beauty parlor, a pond with a comfortable beach.

Berezivski Mineral Water (Berminvody)

Berezivs'ke, Kharkivs'ka oblast
Phone: 38 (067) 299-04-92, 38 (068) 613-10-01

Kharkiv resort Sanatorium Berezivski Mineral Water (Berminvody) is located 20 km from Kharkov, near the railway station Kurortnaya in a large leafy park with ponds. Sanatorium Berezivski mineral water is owned by the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, operates year-round, has a capacity of 1108 people. Sanatorium Berminvody accepts adults and children with their parents for treatment, rest, recuperation and rehabilitation. It is possible to get to the resort by public transport from Kharkov to bus stop "Mineral water resort Berezivski". Vacationers of the resort located in comfortable double rooms and provided 3 meals daily in their rooms.


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