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Odessa Pub

Irish Pub Mick O'Neills

Derybasivs'ka St, 13, Odessa, Odes'ka oblast, Ukraine, 65000
Phone: +38 721 53 33

Odessa pub Mick O'Neills is located in the historic part of the city. It is fit into the architectural appearance of the beloved street. By becoming an integral part of the culture of the city, it attracts the attention of citizens and visitors. We did not invent anything new, just the culture and spirit of the Irish pub concept. They came up to us, we just bring something new from. Our goal, in those days, only underline the features of this place, to congratulate the guests, to remind everyone that Ukraine pub Mick O'Neills does not forget its friends, people of different professions, different views, from different countries. We welcome all who come to visit Mick O'Neills. What could be better then live sound? We select the best musical groups that can create good mood for our guests. Melancholy is not for us!


Lanzheronivs'ka St, 17, Odessa, Odes'ka oblast, Ukraine, 65000
Phone: +38 (0482) 33-88-00, (0482) 35-70-37

Odessa pub Corvin is decorated in the British style. We have tried to recreate the age-old classics in the heart of the city, using oak interior design, mahogany, brass and glass. Ukraine pub Corvin recreates the atmosphere of a typical institution in Edinburgh. By the way, as you probably know, the beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Odessa. We offer not only familiar kinds of beer, but also a pleasant surprise selection of the best ales in Odessa. We also offer a wide selection of commercial brands of whiskey. Of course, whiskey is a traditional drink of such institutions, so we offer to visit our whiskey club. The only difference of Corvin from the Albion is that you can taste luxury drinks in solitude, and enjoy a culinary school.


Dyukivs'ka St, 8, Odesa, Odes'ka oblast, 65000
Phone: 380 (482) 32-64-42

In Ukraine pub Beerloga two dominating kitchens -  European and Russian. Refined and carefully selected recipes give rise to a deep knowledge of the history of the Slavic traditions of the cuisine. We present six beers on draft, including a live ODESSA beer. Rooms of the pub Beerloga create warmth and comfort of any celebration. Odessa pub allows to plunge into a time when they lived heroes of Odessa folklore, sometimes it seems that now will appear Jap Mishka and Sonka the Golden Hand. The interior in the spirit of a beloved old Odessa and unsurpassed cuisine can help you spend unforgettable time with us...


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