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Lviv Pub

The Grill

Lviv pub The Grill
Teatralnaya Street, 22, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 79000
Phone: +38 (0322) 354991

Lviv pub The Grill is the FIRST REAL steak house in Lviv, where you taste the real steak - and be sure - you will not find better! True, juicy, tasty steaks, very fresh homemade beer. Grill provides two varieties incredible sushi in American style, good wine, flavored coffee and many tasty dishes. The interior Ukraine pub is made of natural wood, walls are decorated with old school photos, which - portraits of the early 20th century, American West, Reformed, and Japan all in an atmosphere of genuine American loft, if transferred to California. Exclusively handmade furniture, massive tables, many typical decorations that visually emphasize the concept of institution - Perfect combination of East and West, steak and sushi, our hospitality - all for your pleasure and good rest. Welcome to us - we are always happy to see you!

Mons Pius

Lesi Ukrainky St, 14, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: +380 (32) 235-60-60

Lviv pub Mons Pius was opened almost at the very heart of Lviv in early December 2010. In the pub you may taste a light beer brand Mons Pius, brewed on the Lviv brewery. The alcohol content of this beer is not less than 4.6%; 11.8%of dry matter in the initial wort. Beer is not pasteurized and not filtered. Recipe of the beer Mons Pius was developing for 10 months. Today the beer is brewed in the amount of three thousand liters per month. Foamy drink is poured out in 0.4 liter and 1 liter branded glasses.


Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, 10, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: 380 (32) 296-70-92

The atmosphere of the Lviv pub Korzo creates comfort like at home, lets relax and forget about pressing problems. Here you can drink a beer, taste alcoholic drinks, relax with a nice music, good and tasty meal. Originality of the Korzo pub is that during a day you can hold a business meeting here and in the evening have a romantic date. This is the right place to have a good time in the circle of friends, listen to music or watch football.


Volodymyra Vynnychenka St, 6, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: 380 (32) 242 17 80

Lviv pub Kumpel is positioned as the first restaurant-brewery in Lviv. The pub has 2 floors, about 10 tables on the floor while in the middle is a mini-brewery. The atmosphere created by designers, like a traditional pub atmosphere with Austrian overtones. Serving in Kumpel at a very high level. There are a buttons to call waiters at tables. Kitchen in the pub Kumpel is both Ukrainian and European with Galician spices. Beer in the restaurant brewed besides visitors, it is not filtered to preserve its quality.


Akademika Hnatyuka St, 8, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: (380) 322 260-24-42

Lviv pub Prague offers you a wide selection of Czech beer -  draft beer, and bottles. But what beer without delicious food? Therefore, in the pub menu is a wide selection of hot and cold traditional Czech and Ukrainian appetizers. Barrel beer and tasty food, with attentive service gives our visitors a real recreation mood! In the pub Prague you can always a fun party with friends, cheer for your favorite football team. Due to smart interior you will feel both comfortable and fun part of the noisy group.


Rymlyanyna St, 1, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: 380 (32) 229-55-05, 380 (50) 401-62-01

Lviv pub Stargorod has standard lager brewed three beers - two light and one dark. All the beers are good representatives of their classes. The pub has a large area , especially for the Lviv city. If you see a window that Stargorod is fully crowded, then do not worry - the brewery 2 floors. The second floor is as big as the first one. By style is something between a pub and cabaret, with an emphasis on "adult" themes.  Erotic shows take place there. Beer waitress with large breasts will delight customer’s eye. And if you are dancing, there will be a lot of PJs, which turn the crowd on. Security watches you.


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