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Kiev Pub


Kiev pub Salo Bar
Anri Barbyusa St, 5, Kiev, Kyivs'ka oblast, 02000
Phone: +38 096-341-4040

Kiev pub Salo-Bar is one of the best pubs in Kiev and an absolutely original pub that looks like the chalet in the Swiss Alps. It offers the wide variety of the famous national Ukrainian meal which is salo. Salo-Bar is a pub for those who appreciate the quality of food and prefer to enjoy their time in a company of hilarious friends and family. The restaurant is located not in Kiev 01030, 5a Anri  Barbusa St., but the quality of service it offers is second to none. The interior is mainly presented by the dark wood of course. You may choose out of two halls, both of which are for smokers, though. The pretty comfortable tables can accommodate the company of 4, 6 or 10 people, which stands in a good stead if you admire to rock it with the loud company of your friends.


Vozdvyzhens'ka St, 10A, Kiev, Kyivs'ka oblast, 02000
Phone: 380 (44) 455-84-46

We cook  meals of fresh organic products only "under the knife". Therefore, can be a stop-list in the daily menu. We hope for your understanding. We welcome the use of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and notebooks in the gastronomic pub gastroRock. You can also charge your gadget at the table at a special point of for Mac. You can smoke in Kiev pub cigars and cigarettes at any time in the gastronomic pub gastroRock - near the bar. We want you and your friends to enjoy the smell and taste of food, but not cigarette smoke. We welcome the presence of your pet in a pub gastroRock. With your permission, we will treat your pet and pour him water. Your personal guards can sit at the bar and offered a cup of coffee or tea.


Zlatoustivs'ka St, 35, Kiev, Kyivs'ka oblast, 02000
Phone: 380 (44) 486-13-07

Kiev pub Porter welcomes adventurers all times, ages and nations! The pub is the right place to watch sports programs, Formula1, football games at any level, old movies, documentaries about football. Video is screened through the projection screen. There is a summer round, and two halls. Beer of Miculinetski brewery is called there "Porthos Honey". The positioning of this pub is not be like everyone else. Good music. The waiters are sometimes not very fast, and a sufficiently long period of time. It does not depend on the number of customers. But, nevertheless, very kind and attentive.

Olimpiyskiy Sport & Beer

Chervonoarmiis'ka St, 55, Kiev, Kyivs'ka oblast, 02000
Phone: 380 (44) 587-72-22

Kiev pub Olimpiyskiy Sport & Beer is a big hall, which is designed for 320 seats (67 tables and counters). The pub has an unusual interior. 15 plasma screens and two large screen projectors established to view sporting events there. There is also a scene in which headliners of Ukraine and the world perform. In addition, Olimpiyskiy has an impressive bar, possibly the longest in the capital of Ukraine. Sports pub Olimpiyskiy Sport & Beer in the NSC "Olympic" was opened on December 24, 2011. It is located near the hotel Sport, in the first tier of the stadium.


Pub Natyurlih
Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho St, 3, Kiev, Kyivs'ka oblast, 02000
Phone: 380 (44) 279-79-29

Kiev pub Natyurlih was opened in the early autumn of 2009. Currently this pub offers the largest selection of draft beer (very low prices) and pub food in Kiev. Some of the beers in this place are exclusive. There are four rooms in Natyurlih. Three of them are for smokers and one for non-smokers. The pub is very popular, so if you want to relax in this pub on some days (usually from Thursday to Saturday) it is better to book a table in advance.


Kiev, 17 Mykhailivska Street
Phone. (044) 229-1584

In Kiev pub O'Brien's you can watch up to 7 different tv-events on our 5 plasmas and two projectors!
Up to 20 kinds of beer and of course Irish Beer at O'Brien's!
We have really BIG portions, check this out! 
Best music bands play at O'Brien's at Thursday, Friday and Saturnday evenings, enjoy traditional Irish sounds!
Our team is totally English-speaking!

U Khromoho Pola

Kiev, 4 Suvorova St
Phone: (044) 280-5007

The legend of Kiev pub U Khromoho Pola. No one assert that Pol really existed, but rumors about his life and exploits have long been spread in the Czech Republic and abroad. Rumor says that this character first appeared in some tiny Czech town and called himself Paul, soldier in the army of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain. He came the Czech sticks because of the love of beer, sausages, and good nature and hospitality of local people.


Kiev, 3 Saburova St
Tel.: (044) 228-8522

Only in Kiev pub "Cuba" you can feel the heady air and fiery spirit of the "Island of Freedom", to try exotic cuisine, enjoy tropical cocktails, real Cuban rum and the best cigars! Only here you will be able to "ignite" a real Cuban rhythms of the Cuban musicians, learn to dance Latin American salsa under the guidance of professional Cuban salseros.

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