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Lviv Nightсlub


Night Club Fashion
Ivana Pidkovy square, 1, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: 032-2728891

Fashion club is opened around the clock and all the days of the week. In the evening from 23:00 there starts dancing (tickets for participating in the weekend for the girls - 50 UAH. For men - 70 UAH.). A a special place for parking is near the club. Hall restaurant is designed for 100 people. Entrance to it is made to see all the newly arrived guests. You can elect from among the small tables with leather chairs and tables for large companies with sofas. There  dominates comfortable twilight with candles and fashionable Hit Music. One of the features is the fact that Fashion Club has a relaxing patio where you can admire the architecture of surrounding buildings in the heart of the city and enjoy soft drinks in the summer.


V'yacheslava Chornovola Ave, 2, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: +380 32 240 35 91

The Millenium club is for people of all ages and all walks of life, a night club awaits you. Loud, cheerful atmosphere of disco, casino exciting, cozy restaurant, taste exotic hookah and reasonable prices is a perfect a holiday for everyone. One of the best and most popular clubs in the Western Ukraine.


Svobody Ave, 18, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: 272 39 39, 067 208 4645

Gallery is a new way scandalous night club, located in the picturesque heart of Lviv. When creating the atmosphere of the club used the chords from a variety of styles and cultures. A mixture of classic and high-tech interior design, glamor R'n'B and drive Disco'80 on the dance floor, the refinement of French dishes and service, fiery taste of nightlife Europe in a variety of cocktails, hot flavor of the East in a huge hookah menu. This mixture will give you an unforgettable experience while staying in the nightclub. Visit Gallery dance to a variety of music from Disco '80 to Soulful house and Lounge, which will play for you the best DJs of the city.


Zelena St, 14, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: 380 67 670 4243

Metro is a progressive Club, which unites young dancing people from around the world. It is guided by international standards of service delivery and organization of the institution as a whole. The biggest dance floor of Metro is RedPhone. There is also a VIP-zone. The style of music is the best pop music of the European charts. Then there are shows with the participation of the ballet «ArtBIZZ», transvestite show "Nikita and Lolita", best strip and dance show, Gogogirls, concerts of popular pop stars (Ukrainian and foreign).


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