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Donetsk Nightсlub


Night Club Faces
Illicha Ave, 89, Donets'k, Donets'ka oblast, 83000
Phone: (062) 385-99-44

In an explosive dance floor, designed for 1,200 people, everyone will be able to feel like public persona and plunge into a flurry of mixed emotions. The new center of drive and an exclusive performance will bring together all those who know how to enjoy life and take away from it all. And even more. There is no random people. All are individuals, VIP-guests, ie known, significant faces. So every weekend in a nightclub Faces the most shocking parties, from which the heart begins to beat in the rhythm of the new masterpiece from the guru of turntables. All clubbers who prefer a secluded luxury holiday in pleasant company, are invited to Hit bar and karaoke. So, hurry to open a new chapter in the colorful life of Donetsk nightclub Faces!


Night Club Garage
Lenins'kyi Ave, 11, Donets'k, Donets'ka oblast, 83000
Phone: (062) 313-10-66

Right from the door an endless highway markings begin. The similarity with the highway is enhanced by the fact that the entire floor in the Garage resembles asphalt, and along the "garage" tracks are special road signs. For a start, yielding to the temptation, all travelers go to try flavored pizza in a roadside pizzeria. Next on the course is a huge car bar. This is one of the main garage chips. Bar is made of two buses LAZ, welded together. Not far from it the bowling alley and a disco. The dance floor can accept almost a thousand people. In the center of the dance floor is a huge «monstercar», with DJs inside. Next to the disco has settled a sort of caravanserai. Here, weary travelers can comfortably sprawl on couches with hookah and think about eternity. Not far from the dance floor located comfortable Italian ice-cream «Beliisimo» for children. So you can take children to Garage for a tour.


Artema St, 123, Donets'k, Donets'ka oblast, 83000
Phone: (062) 335-69-77, (062) 335-64-88

Night Club Chicago is an entertainment complex with the longest history in Donetsk. Located in the heart of the city, it includes several recreation areas: a strip bar, hookah, bowling and dancing space with a bar and the VIP-zone on the second level of the club. In a nightclub  Chicago you will hear the most powerful sound in the south-east of Ukraine - 15 kW of Turbosound. The club can accommodate on the dance floor up to 500 people at the same time, the whole  club can accommodate up to 1,000 people. All the rewmarkable club event of the year take place here, such as the official representative of the republic party KaZantip and traditional ART-Party, collecting all the representatives of the entertainment industry. Chicago is a club-transformer, there takes place regularly a fashion party with collections of Donetsk and Ukrainian designers, and is also the festival of contemporary theater Art-Alternative.


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