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Zaporozhye Night Clubs


Lenina St, 92, Zaporozhye, Zaporiz'ka oblast, Ukraine, 69061
Phone: +38 (061) 289-19-39, 289-19-40

Mix is a one of Zaporozhye night clubs that was made by people who wanted more space, light and music. In the best tradition of «Factory» and the European clubbing standards, there are two floors of different lights and sound for 600-700 clubbers, placed in the walls of the industrial department of instrumental plant. This is not a glossy magazine hi-tech, it's a lifestyle in today's metropolis, where everything should be huge: drive, energy and emotion. Naturally, students were first people who assessed scales od such Ukraine night clubs, that is why Mix lives in the heart of the campus. People who live in the youth's hottest dance floors the world are really our grateful public. Therefore, the most stylish and crazy parties are held by students.


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