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Crimea Museums

Aivazovsky Gallery

Crimea museum Aivazovsky Gallery
Halereina St, 2, Feodosia, Crimea, Ukraine, 98113
Phone: +38 (06562) 3-09-29

Crimea museum Aivazovsky Gallery is a collection of nearly 12,000 works on maritime topic, including those owned by the world's largest collection of works by Ivan Aivazovsky (417 works). The best known among the exhibited works are "Brig "Mercury" Attacked by Two Turkish Ships", "Sevastopol raid", "Ship "Maria" in the North Sea", "St. George's Monastery", "The Sea. Koktebel", and the largest a painting by Aivazovsky "Among the Waves", which has size of 282X425 cm. Exhibition of the Ukraine Museum presents the works of Ivan Aivazovsky, his family history, history of the gallery, family valuables of Aivazovsky. In the next building - house of the artist's sister – you mau see collected paintings by Aivazovsky on mythological and biblical themes, works of foreign marine painters XVIII-XIX centuries; contemporaries of the great artist - Voloshin, L. Lagorio, K.Bogaevsky; students of Aivazovsky - Latry M., A. Faessler, A. Kuindzhi; the works of Soviet artists. Monument of Aivazovsky with the inscription "Feodosia to Aivazovsky" was established near the gallery in 1930.

House of MA Voloshin

Mors'ka St, 43, Koktebel, Crimea, Ukraine, 98186
Phone: +38 (06562)24-437, (06562)24-506

In Koktebel, on the shores of a picturesque bay, between the old volcano Karadag and the Cimmerian hills is an extraordinary house that holds a lot of legends and realities of the twentieth century. Crimea Museum House of MA Voloshin, "uncovered for all roads", was created by Maximilian Voloshin for communication and creativity, "one of the cultural centers not only of Russia but also a Europe". It was a centre for freedom of thought and creativity. The house attracted many generations of intellectuals to Koktebel. There is always welcomed innovation and originality. Since the beginning of last century, the House heard the latest literary and musical works, not abated debate about contemporary art and culture in general, there were ideas that define scientific and historical twists and turns. The Ukraine museum continues the glorious tradition of Voloshin in Koktebel. Events are widely known in many countries. There are scientific conference "Voloshin read", the annual event of the International Symposium of the creative "Voloshinskii September", Literary contest Voloshinskii Literary Festival, Plein Air Art "Koktebel", awarding the International Voloshin Prize.

Kerch State Historicaland Cultural Reserve

Sverdlova St, 7, Kerch, Crimea, Ukraine, 98300
Phone: +38 (06561) 2-04-75

The official date of opening of Crimea museum the Kerch Museum of Antiquities, stated in the documents was 2(15) June of 1826. Currently, reserve funds comprise more than 160 thousand units. Most significant part of them are archaeological assets (more than 90 thousand units). There is Lapidary Collection, one of the largest in Europe. Well-known collection of Bosporan terracottas and lamps. Ukraine museum contains 10 scientific departments related to the history of ancient and medieval, new and modern times. Tourists can visit seven tour sites, onuments of archeology, history and culture. The most visited museum object of the reserve in recent decades is the Museum of defense of Adzhymushkayskyh quarries, opened in 1967 to honor soldiers and commanders of the Crimean Front, which fought in the quarries since May to October of 1942. This museum is located in underground stone-pit, where, according to the recollections of participants and the results of military research expeditions, was partly reproduced the situation of 1942.

Museum of the History of the Crimean Humanitarian University

2 Sevastopol St., Yalta, Crimea
Phone: 098 286-14-83

Crimea museums "History of the Crimean Humanitarian University" located on the southern coast of Crimea, in the center of Yalta. It is dedicated to the history of the University. The exposition is dedicated to the development of an educational institution in the context of history. Great attention in the exposition is paid to the appearance of the formation of ethnic-religious education in the middle of XIX century. Since the Crimean peninsula is populated by representatives of different nationalities, it is a great part of our historical culture.


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