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Kiev Hospital

Zablotskyy Dental Implant Clinic in Kiev

5, Shchorsa lane
Kyiv, Ukraine
+380 (50) 441-50-10
You’ve, probably, heard along with traditional methods of renewal of missing teeth by removable and bridge-like prostheses, there is an alternative – installation into the jawbone of artificial roots of teeth (implants) with fixation on them of tooth prostheses. And the statistics testifies that 70 % of adults till 35 years (that is 7 from 10) lose at least one permanent tooth, 50 % of people after 65 years are completely toothless.

Women's Health Clinic DivaMed

Women's Health Clinic DivaMedUrlivska Str. 11/44, Kiev, Ukraine
tel. (044) 585 0 888, (067) 585 83 84
Obstetrics andgynecology
Family medicine
Breast Physician

International Neurosurgery Centre in Kiev

Lypska str. 11
metro station Khreschatyk
For an appointment please call: 281-58-32
Fax: 281-58-32

Administration: 592-68-78

«The International Neurosurgery Centre» - the first non-government neurosurgical clinic in Ukraine, was founded by the English neurosurgeon Professor Henry Marsh (of London) and well known Ukrainian neurosurgeon Dr Igor Kurilets (of Kyiv). The centre was founded in 2001. Our aim – to utilise up to date world technology in neurosurgery and orthopaedics in medical care in Ukraine.

Neomed reproductive medicine clinic in Kiev

Makeevskaya Str, 8, Kiev, 
Ukraine 01114
Tel: +38 (044) 391-23-53
Tel: +38 (044) 391-23-54
Tel: +38 (044) 391-23-56
Tel: +38 (067) 502-45-35
Neomed reproductive medicine clinic offers a full range of up-to-date infertility diagnostics and treatment services in Kiev. Our experts constantly take part in specialized conferences and seminars held both in Ukraine and abroad, constantly improve their professional skills at the dedicated courses, share their experience with colleagues from domestic and foreign clinics and actively implement their best practices.

Institute of Cell Therapy in Kiev

Ukraine, 03680, Kiev 
3 Komarova prospect (Medgorodok)
0 (800) 50 11 64
(044) 206 66 66

Cellular therapy is treatment by biopreparations of stem cells, rejuvenation of organism in multi-function manner.

Multi-profile Surgical Clinic “Medical Club”

Baggoutovskaya str., 14, Kyiv, 
Ukraine, 04107
+380 (44) 499-7000
+380 (44) 499-7007
A prerequisite for the creation of a multi-profile surgical clinic "Medical Club” has become the formation in our country of an aware popularity of the plastic surgery. Awareness means not a blind chasing for certain standards or fashion, but a thoughtful attitude towards own appearance, life quality. 

AILAS Ophtalmological Clinic in Kiev

Prospect Bazhana, 12a, floor 5,
02140, Ukraine, Kyiv,
Phone: 8 (044) 291 01 91

American Institute of Laser Technologies AILAS is a specialized centre of higher category of sight restoration and esthetic medicine. It was established in 2005 and equipped with the latest innovative equipment for diagnostics and healing. The centre is unique for its permanent implementation and development of innovative technologies, which have not been by now introduced in Ukraine.

Universal Clinic «Oberig» in Kiev

str. Zoologicheskaya, 3, building "B"
03057, Ukraine, Kiev
phone: (044) 390 03 03
fax: (044) 495 62 31
A basic law of life is an equilibrium of all processes, and a healthy organism is the system in which is harmony. However, to support harmony in modern terms not simply. All understand perfectly, that a health is a concept many-sided and individual enough: it is life- v and its proper quality, it is physical and spiritual prosperity, it is happiness and freedom. Whether you reflected above, that in the modern rhythm of life time is not enough so often, to look after your own health. 

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