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Luhova St, 73, Simferopol', Crimea, 95000
Phone: +38 (065) 251 4616

Simferopol hospital Topaz operates more than 10 years under the control of its creator - the highest category of surgeon Valery Minaykin. Centre aims to provide assistance to patients at a high technical level. In practice, Topaz uses the latest technical advances of medicine. All our techniques are highly efficient, absolute safe, scientific, universal. Among the services the center: anti-aging, rejuvenation of the body, the treatment of endocrine diseases, treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, urological and gynecological diseases, digestive system, respiratory organs, treatment of Parkinson's disease and other neurological diseases, the therapy of allergic disorders.

Zdrav Life

Semashka St, 8, Simferopol', Crimea, 95000
Phone: +38 (095) 360 5741; (0652) 27-55-44, 27-55-42

Simferopol private clinic Zdrav Life provides the following services: Obstetrics perinatology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Endoscopic Gynecology, Dermatology, Venerology, ENT, Mammology, Neurology, Ophthalmology - eye disorders, Proctology, Radiology: X-rays, ultrasound, CT, MRI, Vascular surgery, Angiology, Dental, Therapy, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Urology and Andrology, Endourology. The chief doctor of the clinic: Manzoor Alexei Ivanovich.

Dental Lux

Heroiv Stalinhradu Ave, 62, Sevastopol', Crimea, 99000
Phone: +38 (069) 247 8447

Sevastopol Dental clinic Dental Lux is one of the first dental clinic in the city and Ukraine, which received license from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Today it is considered one of the best clinics in the city. With a team of highly qualified experienced professionals with European standards of professionalism, ready to provide you a full range of services and get rid of all diseases of the oral cavity. We guarantee you positive feelings and peace of mind. At your disposal the most modern technology: Painless dental treatment, orthopedic treatment using metal-ceramic, Crowns with a framework based on zirconium oxide, Veneers, clasp denture, removable crowns using soft plastics, Art Restoration Services, Malocclusion, Pediatric Dentistry, using specially designed for children filling materials.


Sevastopolmedical-diagnostic center MEDIKAL
Safronova St, 77, Sevastopol', Crimea, 99000
Phone: +38 0692 942 444

In the Sevastopol medical-diagnostic center MEDIKAL You can get a comprehensive outpatient care, which provides diagnosis, prevention, and conservative treatment. Modern methods of research using best diagnostic equipment, multi-level quality control. Skilled professionals provide fast and accurate diagnosis as well as adequate treatment. At present, it is almost impossible to imagine a field of medicine, which does not apply to methods of laboratory analysis. Before treatment the doctor receives the most complete, accurate and relevant information to assist in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Laboratory of Medical Center provides more than 500 species of laboratory research.

Family Doctor

Pal'miro Tol'yatti St, 16, Yalta, Crimea, 98600
Phone: +38 (065) 427 6103

Yalta hospital Family Doctor was established to provide quality care to residents and guests of the Southern coast of Crimea, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Evpatoria, Saki, Feodosia, Kerch, regardless of age, insured patients and corporate patients. Our members are leading experts and candidates of Medical Sciences of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. We cooperate with international laboratories. The clinic is designed for reception of over 200 patients per day. Services: counseling for children and adults, including service at home in Big Yalta and Crimean resort cities (with the possibility of providing home-hospital); laboratory and ultrasound; dental care for children and adults; treatment room services; service for insured. Administrator always offers information about the possibilities of the clinic, pick up a convenient time for you to consult, as well as remind the patient about the forthcoming consultation by telephone call.

Medical Center Biomed

Drahana St, 4, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: (032) 245-65-45

In Medical Center Biomed we use new and traditional techniques and tools for diagnostics. Doctors of center study and adjust causal relationships in health and disease. Latest and most effective medical technologies are available In Medical Center Biomed. Ultrasound examination using the latest equipment, personal selection of medicines, food, treatment, healing the body through a variety of treatments (massage, bioresonance therapy, complete bowel cleansing, acupuncture, etc.)

Medical center Biokurs

medical center Biokurs
Novakivs'koho St, 1, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, 79000
Phone: (032) 261 05 95, 261 05 94, 261 05 96, 8067 6743831, 8050 1865243

The medical center Biokurs provides its patients professional advice, and take all necessary test for the diagnosis . Our team of professional doctors has 20-years experience, availability of modern equipment, the ability to complete examination within 1 day, diagnosis and treatment in one clinic, working with hospitals in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, the trust of thousands of Ukrainian doctors who refer patients for examination in the clinic. There is cozy home atmosphere of calm and comfort that prevails in the medical center Biokurs.


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