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Kiev Hospital


Ivana Lepse Blvd, 4, Kiev, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 02000
Phone: +38 (044) 454-0-404;  454-0-444;  454-0-454; 454-0-555

Kiev hospital Hippocrates works since 1999. We provide high quality care: consultation, treatment and follow-up by highly skilled professionals with the ability to call them to your home. Modern laboratory and diagnostic facilities allow us to diagnose quickly and accurately before pronounced symptoms of the disease. And your quickly return to a healthy lifestyle! The method of treatment can individually chosen after the comprehensive examination during the first or second visit. Here, around the clock, at a convenient time for you, in a comfortable and cozy environment highly qualified doctors of clinic Hippocrates will help to answer all your questions! We appreciate your health and your time!


Mykoly Pymonenka St, 10, Kiev, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 02000
Phone: +38 (044) 495 2 888

Kiev hospital Dobrobut is the first in Ukraine network of private medical institutions, which work by new standards of quality of care. Services in Kiev: first aid station, children's clinics on the right and left bank, a children's polyclinic, a polyclinic for adult, hospital for adults. Hospitals of Medical Network "Dobrobut" have the highest category of accreditation. We recognize the value of health, that's why create all the conditions for effective care to our patients, having the most modern medical equipment and attracting the best doctors. We make sure that the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are safe and effective. We provide personal care in all cases where the medical and human assistance is needed.

Innovation clinic

Kiev hospital INNOVATION
Vitrianogo St, 69a, village Lyutezh, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 07352
Phone: +38 (044) 331-21-00, 331-23-00

Kiev hospital INNOVATION is a Multidisciplinary Oncology Clinic which provides consultation and treatment by highly qualified specialists in the field of general oncology, gynecology, plastic surgery, and mammalogy. Our clinic will provide you with comprehensive timely and accurate diagnosis of inflammatory diseases of female reproductive organs, benign and malignant tumors and effective treatment. We can save you of walking on various health care facilities to find the right doctor or the required examination. Distinctive features of clinic Innovation are professionalism, innovative techniques, the use of certified European protocols and treatments, personal approach and attention to each patient. Patients with any cancer pathology can get consultation of clinical oncologist, both men and women. Only experienced clinical oncologist can properly determine an effective sequence, ratio and duration of treatment and to ensure recovery of the patient.


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