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Volodymyra Vynnychenka St, 30, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 79008
Phone: (032) 294-91-12

Lviv exhibition Gal-Expo hosted over 180 international and Ukraine exhibitions, which were attended by about 10,000 Ukrainian and foreign companies from 44 countries worldwide. Gal-Expo offers a wide range of services for organizing business events: exhibitions, fairs, conferences, seminars, presentations, etc. For conferences and presentations are available to rent conference rooms, audio and video equipment, projection devices.


Ukrainian Exhibition Guide

Lviv Exhibition

Gallery Dzyga

Virmens'ka St, 35, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine 79000
Phone: (8032) 244-47-79

Lviv exhibition Gallery Dzyga is ART-terra for contemporary artists, whose creations overcome space, limited by four walls, filling it with paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, performances, happenings, icons, words, spirit, energy and charisma ... Art Association Dzyga is a Ukraine exhibition, Ukrainian organization of artists, public figures, businessmen in the form of combining different cultures and creative projects and objects (clubs, festivals, media projects, etc.). Summing quantitative results on its 15th anniversary in 2008, Dzyga noticed 394 exhibitions, 1223 club concerts, 119 exclusive concert projects, 26 festivals, 117 performances, 360 literary presentations and many other extraordinary attractions that gathered more than 1.5 million participants, visitors and spectators. Ideological, physical and material center of Dzyga is its gallery in Ukraine, Lviv, Armenian Street 35.

Lviv Palace of Arts

Lviv Palace of Arts
Kopernyka St, 17, Lviv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine 79000
Phone: (032) 297-00-10

Found in 1996., Ukrainian exhibition Lviv Palace of Arts has the largest area ​​in Ukraine. With a total area of ​​8.7 thousand sq. m. area of ​​exhibition halls is 3.6 thousand square meters. Sizes of 12 exhibition halls, located on 4 levels, from 60 meters to 780 meters. In Lviv Palace of Arts palace there is a conference hall for 200 seats with a stage and art room. Since the first exhibition devoted to its foundation, Lviv exhibition Lviv Palace of Arts chose orientation of mediation between modern artists and admirers of art. We represent achievements of contemporary art to the wide audience of viewers and develop close relations between the regions of Ukraine, promote creative potential of Lviv city, and a bridge of integration into the European artistic community.

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