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Donetsk Entertainment


Mayakovs'koho Ave, 23, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, 83000
Phone: (38) 066 161-50-77

Donetsk entertainment Aquarium invites you to meet with the amazing inhabitants of the watery world, for which the aquarium set up the most suitable conditions for life, which only can be done in an artificial environment. Aquarium in Donetsk is not just a place to demonstrate the amazing collection of fishes, amphibians and reptiles, but also a major research center. City Aquarium in Donetsk brings to your attention of the inhabitants of the animal world as an iguana, snake, python, lionfish, rare turtles, piranhas, stingrays Amazon, ornamental fish, as well as the Nile crocodile, and many other fish and reptiles. Nile crocodile was taken to the Aquarium in 1994, and, of course, today is its main attraction. The length of the crocodile is five meters.


Kuibysheva St, 120, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, 83000
Phone: 38 (062) 387-85-20, 387-85-21

Gorodok Park in Donetsk is a large variety of attractions and Donetsk entertainment to the public: for the kids, family, as well as extreme. The last group is intended for adult amusement park visitors, it includes the following attractions: "UFO", "Kamikaze," "Russian Hill", "Flipper," "Karting", "Catapult", any of which you will certainly remember. Here is the first in Donetsk covered ice rink. Skating area is 1080 square meters. At the same time on the field can be up to 130 people. Donetsk ice rink Gorodok regularly hosts various holiday shows and parties on the ice. At every holiday Gorodok offers visitors entertainment show program so you never will be bored here.

Circus Kosmos

Circus Kosmos
Lenins'kyi Ave, 2, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, 83000
Phone: 38 (0622) 66-51-89, 66-41-01

The Circus Kosmos in Donetsk was founded August 26, 1969 for the 100th anniversary of the city. The Circus kosmos in Donetsk has an unusual design. The architects decided not to adhere to the traditional circus dome forms and created a unique building in the form of a truncated cylinder. And even today the Circus Kosmos in Donetsk is one of the main attractions of the city and its modern shape attracts visitors, but also professional photographers. Donetsk entertainment Circus is designed for 1850 seats, and is never empty. Each year, according to statistics, the circus visited by a million people. Today Donetsk Circus Space helds not only a circus performances, not just entertainment, but it is also part of our culture, which requires continuous development and improvement.

Dolphinarium Nemo

Stadionna St, 1, Donetsk, Donets'ka oblast, 83000
Phone: 38 (062) 332-44-44

Donetsk entertainment Dolphinarium Nemo may be called aquarium. When you enter into the lobby, you has the opportunity to observe marine mammals directly through a special window. Programs are built on performances of four dolphins, two sea lions and a sea lion. The dolphins were brought to Donetsk from the Black Sea, but the fur seal and sea lion brought from South America. The building of the dolphinarium is a complex building, constructed in accordance with modern principles and norms of working with dolphins and other marine inhabitants. In addition to the daily program, every Saturday dolphin Nemo in Donetsk provides an unforgettable laser show specially for lovers - Romantic Night Show.


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