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Cultural Center "Cinema" Kyiv"
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Kiev Cinema Cultural Center "Cinema" Kyiv"

19 Krasnoarmeyskaya St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01004
Phone: 251-2199, 520-2736, 234-7381, 234-3380

Among all the cinemas of the Ukrainian capital, the Cultural Center "Cinema" Kyiv" is different due its special repertoire, which is characterized by a variety of genres and styles and can satisfy the most discerning tastes of the audience. Cultural Center "Cinema" Kyiv" hosts international and Ukrainian festivals, special projects, exclusive programs, retrospectives and premieres featuring the stars of the Ukrainian and world cinema. 1st January 2007 the Cultural Center "Cinema" Kyiv" was adopted by the international organization «EUROPA CINEMAS». It is an international network, which consists of the best cinemas of Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Francophone Africa. «EUROPA CINEMAS»is supported by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of France. Its priority is to expand the performance of the European cinema.

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