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Kiev Cinema

Kievan Rus'

Cinema Kievan Rus
93  Artem Street, Kiev, Kiev oblast’
Phone: (044) 486-74-74, (044) 461-80-61

Cinema "Kievan Rus', built in 1982, is famous above all, for the largest Ukrainian cinema screen. Great Hall, named in the best traditions of the Soviet "Red Hall", can accommodate 1192 spectators. The biggest screen in the Ukraine is  - 26 × 11 metres. From 2010 it began to show the 3D ribbon on the projector Christie CP2000-XB. Small "blue" cinema hall designed for 176 seats. Screen size here - 4 × 9 metres. The eleventh row of seats consists of LOVE-SEATS (sofas). Each room is equipped with comfortable seats, which is very convenient to watch a fascinating film, and doze off peacefully, if the film would be uninteresting. Both rooms are equipped with sound system Dolby Digital Surround EX. Cinema "Kievan Rus" contains only popular films in its repertoire.


Cinema Kinopalace
1 Institutskaya Str., Kiev, Kiev oblast’
Phone: (044) 490-70-60

First of all, there is a digital projector «Barco» DP-2000 Dolby 3D kit, which allows viewers to watch a movie in a completely new quality. As in all other theaters Network "Kinopalats" (Movie Palace), there are screens Harkness Hall Ltd., which can transfer the entire palette of colors and contrasts. JBL Speakers and sound processors allow to play 7-channel audio in a standard «Dolby Digital Surround EX». The Kiev cinema has only one hall for 122 seats. But despite the small capacity of the hall, there are about  20 thousand monthly visitors. The hall is equipped with comfortable seats, which in other theaters can be found only in VIP-halls.


26 Konstantinovskaya Str., Kiev, Kiev oblast’
Phone: (044) 417-30-04, (044) 205-59-51

Kiev cinema "Zhovten" appeared in Kiev in 1930 and became the first one built after the revolution and equipped with the latest technology. After 80 years as "Zhovten" became one of the few movie theaters, where lovers of this movie may see progressive festival films. Today, the theater has five rooms, each equipped with modern video equipment, systems, panoramic sound Dolby digital and velvet chairs. Kiev cinema "Zhovten" - almost the only one that regularly undergo special screenings of festival films. Also in the lobby selling books on cinema and a wide variety of films. In addition there is a film society, which bears the name  "9th Goskino".


Cinema Ukraine
5 Gorodetsky Str., Kiev, Kiev oblast’
Phone: 2796750

Kiev Cinema "Ukraine" was reconstructed on February 6, 2001. It's no secret that the current cinema "Ukraine" the best in the state on interior design, quality, service, location and film distribution policy. "Ukraine" is a cinema of premieres. This means that our viewers can see all the important news of the world cinema and Ukrainian cinema. Most high-profile premieres of domestic, Russian and world cinema take place there as well as movie festivals, children's fiction and animated cartoons, festivals of world cinema.

Cultural Center "Cinema" Kyiv"

19 Krasnoarmeyskaya St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01004
Phone: 251-2199, 520-2736, 234-7381, 234-3380

Among all the cinemas of Kiev, the Cultural Center "Cinema" Kyiv" is different due its special repertoire, which is characterized by a variety of genres and styles and can satisfy the most discerning tastes of the audience. Cultural Center "Cinema" Kyiv" hosts international and Ukrainian festivals, special projects, exclusive programs, retrospectives and premieres featuring the stars of the Ukrainian and world cinema. 1st January 2007 the Cultural Center "Cinema" kKev" was adopted by the international organization «EUROPA CINEMAS». It is an international network, which consists of the best cinemas of Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Francophone Africa. «EUROPA CINEMAS» is supported by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of France. Its priority is to expand the performance of the European cinema.


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