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Kharkiv Cinema

Kronverk Cinema Dafi

9 Heroes of Labor street, Kharkov, Kharkov oblast’, Ukraine
Phone: 38 (057) 728-25-02

”Kronverk Cinema” Dafi is the first multiplex cinema of the chains "Kronverk Cinema" in Kharkov. It is the world class cinema with the big screens, sound, Dolby Digital Surround EX, modern film equipment, comfortable armchairs. You will appreciate the large distance between the rows and the system of stadium sits, which provides a 100% review of the screen! The hotel offers two bars with a wide selection of drinks and snacks, a cozy sitting area, a separated smoking area in this Ukraine cinema. Regular viewers can participate in Kronverk Cinema CLUB: get free movie tickets, popcorn, drinks and visit premier screenings! Multiplex «Kronverk Cinema» Dafi is 7 rooms, 10 movies, more than 40 sessions every day!


6 Poltava Way Street, Kharkov, Kharkov oblast’, Ukraine
Phone: 712-39-28

In 1908 French brothers Bommer found in Kharkiv first permanent cinema theater in the Russian Empire. We have deliberately not assigned nomination of the oldest, or the very first, because, despite its age, it is the most fashionable meeting place for lovers of real, intelligent, deep cinema. There is no place commercial movies. Only art house, festivals of short films and legendary filmmakers. «Future Shorts», Ingmar Bergman, Manhattan Festival, David Lynch, the line of Spanish cinema, Tony Gatlif, the New German cinema, Michelangelo Antonioni ... You can taste good coffee in the cozy foyer before the start of the session. "Bommer" is the only cinema theater in Kharkov, where the tickets do not indicate the place, and there is no controller. We do not sell alcohol and popcorn. The special aura of this place attracts. "Bommer" is the cinema out of time. This is other cinema.


Russia cinema
54 50th anniversary of the Komsomol Avenue, Kharkov, Kharkov oblast’, Ukraine, 61000
Phone: 0572 624 045

Cinema chain "Kinocentr” (Cinema Center) is the first active network of multiplex movie theaters in the city of Kharkov, with modern equipment. Tere are cinema centers, "Poznan", "Dovzhenko”, "Russia" and "Kiev". TBecause of the original design of the foyer of cinemas and leisure infrastructure elements such as bars and cafes, the audience spend much more time than is required to view a movie. Ukraine cinema "Russia" is the third in a chain of movie theaters "Cinema Center". There are three different rooms with modern equipment and sound and a cafe-bar.

Park Multiplex

81 Sumy Street, Kharkov, Kharkov oblast’, 61000
Phone: 057 704 1488

In the center of the city of Kharkiv is a beautiful park named after Gorky. In its territory, from the Sumy street, is Multiplex PARK cinema. Multiplex Park was reconstructed and has three modern rooms equipped with soft chairs, high-quality digital audio equipment and DOLBY SURROUND, ventilation and air conditioning. Part of the first floor is a cafe. Not just coffee and dessert, you can celebrate there your birthday or any other holiday. On the second floor, in front of the blue (large) room is the third bar with popcorn, chips, cola, beer and all you like to it while watching movie. There is also a 3D movie hall.


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