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Crimea Cinema


Velyka Mors'ka St, 13, Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 99000
Phone: +38  (0692) 54-38-41

Sevastopol cinema Victory has two upgraded rooms, equipped with new audio systems that allow precise and accurately transmit all audio special effects in the format of Dolby Digital. Best in the Crimea 3D-hardware, seamless screens, modern system of ventilation, air conditioning and heating, as well as sofas with tables for personal beverages. The building of this Crimea cinema is set on a high platform. Ukraine cinema Victory was built in 1950 by architectors A.N. Ivanov and U.A. Trautman, it is the first big post-war cinema in Sevastopol.


Hor'koho St, 5, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 95000
Phone: +38 (0652) 27-22-26, 27-32-73, 27-52-20

Simferopol cinema Shevchenko is located on the main street in the heart of the city of Simferopol. All film premieres were shown on the screen of Crimea cinema Shevchenko, the "first screen" of the city of Simferopol. In 2003 this Ukraine cinema was reconstructed and appeared two rooms: large and small. Both rooms were equipped with new seats, sound system Dolby Digital Surround EX, the new screens. Later in the large hall of the cinema a VIP balcony was opened where you can comfortably watch a movie, sit on the comfortable sofas. In the lobby of the cinema located the kinobar. In 2011 the third hall was opened, which was equipped with the latest sound system Dolby Digital Surround EX 7.1, the digital format of Dolby Digital cinema 3D, the new Spanish sofas, screen, air conditioning and ventilation systems.


Pushkina St, 9, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 95000
Phone: +38 (0652) 25-46-53, 530-129

Simferopol cinema Spartacus is located in the heart of the city, in the pedestrian zone. Pushkin Street has always been a central place for walking and recreation for residents and visitors to the Crimea. There are also located numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, banks, theaters and much more. Ukraine cinema Spartacus became operational in 1954. In 2006 this Crimea cinema was reconstructed and equipped with modern technologies. The internal architecture, constructives and acoustic trim halls was fundamentally changed...


Lenina Ave, 3, Evpatoria, Crimea, Ukraine, 97400
Phone: +38 (06569) 36-366, 36-421

Evpatoria cinema Raketa is a 2-hall Crimea cinema, equipped with the latest technology. Cinema hall "Mars" with 134 seats is equipped with the latest system XpanD to show 3D films with glasses. Cinema hall "Saturn" is also contains 134 seats and equipped with certified Dolby Digital sound system with the well known seven channel sound format 6.1. Exactly the same sound can be heard in the best Ukraine cinema theatres.


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