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Kharkiv Cafe


Kirova St, 1K2, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 61000
Phone: 057 731 8171

Once in the cafe-club Chanson in Kharkov, you seem transported into the era of the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. The cozy interior, great service, interesting program, famous guests - these are the main ingredients for success and popularity of the cafe. Not everyo Kharkiv cafes can boast of  collection of autographs of famous singer on the walls. This cafe-club helds monthly evenings of author’s concerts. Chanson is a cafe in Kharkov, which keeps the traditional values ​​of elegance and beauty in everything. Pianos of the 19th century and early 20th century  became the real gems of this institution. They were given by friends and guests of the club. A collection of musical instruments is constantly updated. And their enchanting sounds give the visitors a good mood and unforgettable memories.

Art-cafe Agata

 Art-cafe Agata
Revolyutsii St, 11, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 61000
Phone: 057 707 3347

Art-cafe Agata is a small Kharkiv cafe with a democratic, home-like atmosphere, daily live music, qualified chef, Ukrainian dishes as well as Irish, Italian, Czech and other European cuisine. Several varieties of good beer. There are tea ceremonies, during which you can enjoy the great taste and aroma of the Chinese collection teas that will save from the hustle and worries, give strength and wisdom. We accept orders for corporate parties. Organize any art program. Number of seats - 85.


Lenina Ave, 9, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 61000
Phone: (057) 703 2373

Immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the interior of the Royal Grand Cafe Polonaise. Three halls: classic (30 seats), purple (30 seats), transparent (30 seats), summer terrace (50 seats). The luxurious interior of this Kharkiv cafe moves you easily at the time of the court balls and receptions. Classic and Purple rooms are able to transform into a large banquet hall (80 seats). Plasma panels are installed in each room. Therefore, Grand Cafe Polonaise  is a comfortable place to watch your favorite sporting events. Author's cuisine, European cuisine, Ukrainian cuisine. Live music, hookah, sports on the big screen, satellite TV, karaoke. A pleasant surprise from the Grand Cafe "Polonaise": gmes tic-tac-toe, chess, checkers, monopoly, puzzles, battleship, domino.


Abajour  cafe
19 Sumy Street, Kharkiv, Kharkiv oblast’
Phone: (057) 716 0022

In the middle of the day, escape from the bustle of the city to Abajour café, which is located in a cozy courtyard of the historical center of Kharkov. Soft sofas, candles, curtains, mirrors, master paintings of artist Sergey Malysh and a huge French lampshades invite to the romantic aesthetics of the Parisian restaurants. According to guests, Chef Salad "Caesar" will handicap their colleagues in the capital's restaurants of Ukraine and Russia. This is where you will meet the unique and exquisite French cuisine and experience the taste of pastry chic.


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