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Dnipropetrovsk Cafe


Karla Marksa Ave, 9, Dnepropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000
Phone: +38 (056)732-41-44

In the Dnepropetrovsk café Amphora you will find interior and meals in tradition of high Greek culture. The idea of ​​Greek cuisine is based on the cooking of traditional national recipes, using a completely non-standard technologies. Our chef will cook with love the Greek masterpieces: moussaka, dzadzyki, melitzanu, horyatiki, using only the highest quality and always fresh food. It offers a wide selection of delicious cheeses, olives, confectionery and beverages, as well as a vivid thematic atmosphere in combination with the high standards of service. The wine list is represented by wines from Greece, Italy, Ukraine, France, Spain, Chile and other countries. The dominant product on the Greek table, from ancient times has been and remains to this day, the holy God Dionysus liquid - wine. Greece is also can not be imagined without Metaxa. Cafe "Amphora" will surprise you with unusual cocktails and a wide assortment of coffee, which you can enjoy in conjunction with the amazing cakes and desserts. Bon Appetit, or as Greeks say: "Kali oreksi!"

Unknown Petrovsky

Dnepropetrovsk café Unknown Petrovsky
Naberezhna V.I. Lenina St, 15, Dnepropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000
Phone: +38 (056) 788-70-38, (067) 909-46-60

Unknown Petrovsky is a unique personality from Ekaterinoslav province late XIX - early XX century. He was fond of playing the violin. He loved to rhyme humorous poems in public and give strange advices. He gathered in his house a huge collection of paintings, and in 1914 gave it to Ekaterinoslav art gallery. Ivan Petrovsky dedicated all his life to education and creativity. So, he was a member of the Ekaterinoslav education society and the founder of the creative association "for nothing", which purpose was cultural communication and exchange of books, paintings, musical instruments among its participants.

Rock Cafe

Dnepropetrovsk café Rock
Lenina St, 6, Dnepropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000
Phone: +38 056 767-22-32, 094 910-92-32

Dnepropetrovsk café Rock is excited to invite all fans of this rock music and very much look forward to see you. You will find in this Ukraine cafe a big club in the city center, concerts, night shows, parties, sound, lights, video projection, large screen; Rock Cafe Museum, democratic musical bar menu list; 120 seats, a concert capacity can host up to 700 people.


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